About Missy

Missy is the youngest of 6 and an only child.

How? Think Brady Bunch, but Mike and Carol had their own child too – her.  Growing up gave her more experience in family dynamics than anything after.  She will someday write volumes about it.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in English, she went to law school to become a prosecutor.

But life has twists.

She met The Big Man and followed him to a different city, eventually becoming a Public Defender. While there, she fought for criminals who many in society forget – the poor, the downtrodden, the uneducated and the insane.

Those years also taught her how to communicate with all types of people and how to manage time effectively.

Plus she helped a heck of a lot of people along the way, including herself.

Some important lessons she learned:

Life has many shades of gray.  

Most people don’t want to commit crime.  

Education is the most important gift a child can be given.  

She got married, and eventually gave up her day job for a baby. And that’s when her real life’s work began.

It was also the time she started becoming a Literal Mom, though she didn’t know it at the time.

She just thought she was losing her mind.

But she didn’t.  She actually came out stronger on the other side.

Parenting doesn’t provide a single “A-HA” moment of understanding.  It’s a years long process of learning, changing, becoming.  And it’s hard.  

But anything truly worthwhile is hard, isn’t it?

Today she is a wife, an advocate for childhood education and a leader in several community organizations.  But mainly?  She tries to be a Literal Mom.

She’s also a freelance writer and will write for you.  Please contact her for a quote.

Email: literalmom[@]gmail.com

Twitter: @literalmom