About Literal Mom

Founded in March 2011, Literal Mom encourages us all to become thinking parents.

In January 2012, Literal Mom joined the powerhouse team at Just Be Enough as a contributor.  Just Be Enough asks women to “carry the weight of confidence and empowerment on our shoulders instead of allowing the burden of our flaws and imperfections to push us down.”


In addition, she’s been featured at Kludgy MomTheta Mom, All Fooked Up,  Scary Mommy, Practical Parenting, Sluiter Nation, Kir’s Corner, along with being featured three times on BlogHer.


Literal Mom encourages us all to think about our parenting.  When we put ourselves on auto-pilot and just coast through parenting (and life in general), things can go all wonky.

Then we’re left wondering, “How did this happen?”

The more of us who really think about parenting, the better parents we will become.

And the better parents we become, the better kids we will raise.


Does that mean you’ll find someone with all the answers here?  Someone who tells you how to parent, what you must think  to be better, how to make it all perfect?


We all struggle.  We all wonder.  We all need support.  And you can find that support here.  Together, we are stronger.

We’re raising the next generation.  How can we not be hopeful about that?

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