Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?


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Today’s edition brought to you by the makers of “GOOD GOD, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?”

Why didn’t anyone tell me . . .

  •  that moving was completely life changing?  (Wait . . . they did.  I just wasn’t ready to listen?)


  • that moving had more hidden costs than the Affordable Health Care Act? (Wait . . . they told me that too.  Still didn’t listen.)


  • that this Winter was going to be cold as shit and have more snow than the last two winters.  (I think the Farmer’s Almanac told us that, but who believes the Farmer’s Almanac in today’s world?)


  • that no matter how “ready” you are to leave your “old” house, that final walk through is totally emotional?  You really DO picture every memorable moment as you walk through the rooms.  Then you find a used kleenex that one of your kids has left behind and you get a final laugh too.


  • that I would still miss my Dad SO MUCH almost 8 months later?  that time really does heal, but there is still a hole in your heart where he was? that I’d want to talk to him JUST ONCE MORE, so I printed off some of his old emails and put them in my calendar to look at.  (And yes, many of you told me all of this, but I didn’t hear it through the grief then.)


  • that raising kids is the hardest job I’d ever love?  (Well, everyone says that, but some days it’s sooooo hard.)


  • that the DOG would be the one who couldn’t adjust to the move?  Kids?  Did fine.  Damn dog howled for two nights straight.  But she got over it.  We hung tough.  And by we, I mean HE, the husband.  I would have caved and brought her bed upstairs night one.  But now she’s fine and all is well.


  • how many service appointments you have to schedule when you move?  WTF?  I’m glad I really, really love the new place because I’m currently trapped by service “windows” several days a week.  (Actually, I remember hearing about this one too.  But I didn’t listen.)


  • that the State of the Union Address would be so boring?


  • that Facebook would become so annoying?


You know what the theme here is?  We get so frustrated with our kids for not listening to us and having to make their own mistakes.  We watch them do things that we think are totally bone head and shake our heads, saying “if only they had listened, they wouldn’t have gotten into this mess.”

But WE don’t listen either.  We as human beings have to learn things on our own.  Trial and error is still one of the best methods for acquiring knowledge.  Wisdom, understanding and acceptance really do come only through the passage of time.  The Game of Life isn’t a light switch that you can just switch “on” and be the “winner.”  It’s a process that takes a lifetime to master.

And that’s kind of the fun of it.

Even if you do put a hole in your wall from banging your head against it as you learn.


  1. Oh hell, I HAVE been out of touch! I had no idea you’d moved, and now I have to go find out all about it. Congratulations, and I hope everything continues to go smoothly and the damned techs arrive in their service windows.

  2. I love when you post and it’s always worth the wait. There is always heart and wisdom here. Always. Yes, yes, and yes, to moving, dealing with the death of a parent, the hidden costs of thing and Facebook. Uck. Sending you good vibes, my friend.

  3. You know, I hate the process of moving so much that I will do whatever possible to keep myself in my house, for forever. Even if we found out tomorrow that I both won the lottery & was expecting octuplets, I think I’d still try to stay in my house.

    *hugs* for your dad. I wish I could say that it gets easier in time.

    Yay for a new post from you, GJ 🙂

  4. Aw, congrats on the move, lady! Did you just move within your local area or was it a regional move? We talk about moving and people are telling us about all the expenses. I guess we’ll try to listen. 😉

  5. Congrats on the move. Hope you’ll settle in quickly and will be done with the annoyance of service calls and time windows soon!!!

  6. Moving is SO HARD! But I do love getting organized and – for at least a little while – knowing where all my possessions are. (Even if it’s in boxes.)

    Plus the purging. Feels so good.

    All the expenses that go along with the move, not so much.
    (Glad you made it through and glad to see you here again.)


  7. Having moved a total of 7 times, 2 of which between continents (Sunny warm Africa to cold rainy Belgium, urgh) I can completely relate. And yes it moving is just as traumatising to animals, when we got back in Belgium our dog (born in Zaire, now Congo) was petrified by snow.
    Hang in there! Good times are just around the corner!

  8. Now I know what I have to look forward to with our upcoming move. Except the dog part.

  9. You will always miss your dad, but it will get better. I lost my dad in September and my mother over 12 years ago. The missing of each of them is the same. It’s just really, really hard to lose a parent. Hang in there.

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