The Cliff of the Teen Years

Parents of Teenagers Kind of Piss Me Off Too

photo credit I guess this is the week all my inner angst comes out. Phase I of the move is done.  As in, old house is now sold, we're settled into the new house, boxes are unpacked and we've done our first wave of changes to the house.  Now it's … [Read More...]

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Blogging Kind of Pisses Me Off

photo credit I've thought about this post for a long time. How blogging, as a whole, has begun to piss me off. Why?  How? I'm a blogger, how can I call out my own people?  How can I betray those who support me, just as I'm supposed to … [Read More...]


Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

photo credit Today's edition brought to you by the makers of "GOOD GOD, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?" Why didn't anyone tell me . . .  that moving was completely life changing?  (Wait . . . they did.  I just wasn't ready to … [Read More...]


Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Phrases

photo credit Some phrases I love.  Some I loathe. Here's a small list: Favorite - Get in my Belly Not so favorite - At the end of the day Favorite - The days are long, the years are short Not so favorite - I know how you … [Read More...]

In the grand scheme of life, I'd rather my child text than go around pantsless.

For the Love of Texting

photo credit Do you text? I love it.  What started out as a little foray into babysitter communication has turned into a way to communicate that surpasses practically every other way I communicate. I love the immediate response.  I love that … [Read More...]