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  • Summer’s Not a Bitch. Fall? That’s the Real Bitch.

    I used to actually really  kind of hate summer. When my kids were young and the days were endless.  Rise at 6, sunlight till FOREVER.  Battles over bedtime because "it wasn't night yet." Making those mistakes of trying to stay up late because … [Read More...]

    Nothing to See Here, Folks. Move Along

    One of our priests used to say "folks" all the time in his Masses.  I kind of heard it, but never really let it bother me.  Then one day someone told me that their family used to count the number of times he would say it in an hour.  After that I had … [Read More...]

    Parents of Teenagers Kind of Piss Me Off Too

    photo credit I guess this is the week all my inner angst comes out. Phase I of the move is done.  As in, old house is now sold, we're settled into the new house, boxes are unpacked and we've done our first wave of changes to the house.  Now it's … [Read More...]

    Blogging Kind of Pisses Me Off

    photo credit I've thought about this post for a long time. How blogging, as a whole, has begun to piss me off. Why?  How? I'm a blogger, how can I call out my own people?  How can I betray those who support me, just as I'm supposed to … [Read More...]

    Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

    photo credit Today's edition brought to you by the makers of "GOOD GOD, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?" Why didn't anyone tell me . . .  that moving was completely life changing?  (Wait . . . they did.  I just wasn't ready to … [Read More...]